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Fishing stories Brassribs, Looking for Lucie and Gobblemouth are published as e-books and paperbacks. You can also buy them in one  big volume, The Brightwell Trilogy

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What do you do with an unruly giant catfish that eats the birds on your lake and has even polished off somebody’s prized pet dog? You probably wouldn’t dream of trucking him all the way across Europe back to his ‘home’ river, the Danube - but that’s just what happens in this madcap road adventure which will please readers of all ages and is the concluding tale of The Brightwell Trilogy.

Pike quest novel ‘Looking for Lucie’ (stand-alone part 2 of the Brightwell trilogy):“Highly enjoyable.   Recommended and not just for anglers.” - David West Beale, Amazon reviews.

“Unless you have no soul I doubt if you could not end up fully immersed in the story” - Neville Fickling, Pike and Predators magazine.

“An exciting tale...I look forward to the next instalment!” - Julian Grattidge, AnglersNet.

Two generations have taken on the challenge of catching Brightwell lake’s biggest carp - but there’s much more to the engaging full length novel than that! ‘Brassribs’ is the first part of the Brightwell Trilogy.

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The Fisher's Tale - a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Many people have undertaken the long pilgrim route over the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain - but perhaps never in such great numbers  as in modern times, when the Camino has enjoyed a huge revival. The Fisher's Tale is a personal journey through its outstanding landscapes and architecture that should entertain anyone who has already walked the Way of St James, and encourage  anyone thinking of taking their first steps towards the magnificent cathedral that marks its physical end in Santiago.



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The Prophet and the Pelicans

Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, the prophet Ezekiel witnesses four combat-ready helicopter gunships  blazing down a Middle East Valley. This new book is a thoughtful look at one of the most astonishing and mysterious pieces of writing the world has ever seen - and you'll have to believe in time travel once you've read it.

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Gansalaman’s Gold:


Stories about a series of strange abductions trickle out of Dracula country. What lies behind them? (Kindle ebook, paperback)



Monty and the Mauler:


With the help of neighbourhood dogs cheeky terrier Monty tries to find a mysterious creature that has been terrorising the town. (Kindle ebook)



Match of the Day:


The coming-of-age of a young man in the 1960s against the background of Football World Cup fever gripping England (Kindle ebook).