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Fresh eyes on a well-trodden pilgrim trail. The 500-mile path to Santiago de Compostela from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain can be entertaining and frustrating as well as enlightening. If you are thinking of undertaking the challenge, here's a preview - The Fisher's Tale is a Kindle ebook. Details here NOW JUST £2.55 ($3.99US)

Lucie: 'Unless you have no soul I doubt if you could not end up fully immersed in the story' - Neville Fickling, Pike and Predators.


Brassribs: 'An exciting tale...I look forward to the next instalment!' - Julian Grattidge, AnglersNet

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‘Brassribs’ is the book that started the Brightwell saga, a series that includes ‘Looking for Lucie’ and ‘Gobblemouth’. Wartime bravery and heroism, romance and drama  are all part of the story - and of course it’s a fisherman’s tale you can’t put  down, especially if you take your carp fishing seriously.

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The  third eagerly awaited novel in the Brightwell Trilogy is out at last - and now ‘Gobblemouth’ is set to rival ‘Brassribs’ and ‘Looking for Lucie’ in this popular series of stories involving fish and fishing.

What lies behind the mystery disappearance of a pet dog at Brightwell Lake? Nobody really knows, but a campaign is launched to find out: first, a concerted effort to fish the water for whatever is responsible, then the draining of the lake itself, which reveals many other secrets. And once the dog-snacking culprit is discovered - a giant catfish nicknamed Gobblemouth - that’s only the start of a ‘road movie’ of a book about taking the monster back home across Europe to his birthplace in the Danube against a dramatic background of international people-smuggling and intrigue, not to mention the Quest for the Crimson Trout...

The general reader will find this an engaging story, and fishermen will of course love every moment of it.‘Gobblemouth’ is now available as an ebook - buy the Gobblemouth ebook here

Look out, Gobblemouth's about!


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Brassribs, Lucie and Gobblemouth now in one great ebook!

With the arrival of Gobblemouth, the Brightwell Trilogy is at last complete - and now it  can be bought in a Kindle ebook version just in time for Christmas (paperback to launch next year).

The three stories involving a big carp (Brassribs), a huge and shadowy pike (Lucie) and an anti-social catfish will enthral all readers, not just anglers.


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